Skin Lesions and Thread Vein Removal

What Skin Lesions and Thread Vein Removal Treatments do we offer?

Skin Lesions

A quick procedure to remove skin tags, warts, verrucas, sun spots and any other skin lesions using cauterisation.

Skin therapist from £60 per 15 mins
Clinic manager/director from £75 per 15 mins

Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins on the face can be very ageing and are easily removed using a system called thermo coagulation which is administered in to the small thread vein via an insulated needle.

We use a high frequency wave to cause the vein walls to collapse and disappear.

It is a safe, quick and minor procedure which last 10-15 mins. It can be used on any skin type and colour with no risk of burning, scarring or bruising.

We can treat: Spider Naevi • Facial Thread Veins • Outer Nose Veins • Intra Nasal Veins • Skin Tags and Milia

Consultation and trial
Initial treatment
from £150
Follow up sessions
from £75

Leg Veins

These can be treated depending on the thickness, colour and any medical conditions using microscleratherapy or thermo coagulation.

Please book a consultation to determine the best course of treatment.
Treatment £150
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