Skin deep – dealing with Rosacea

Carolina BrennanWhat's Happening at The Anti Ageing Clinic

Skin conditions affect people of all ages – both men and women – and extreme skin problems can have a profound affect on various aspects of everyday life.

There are two main skin conditions that commonly affect both men and women.  Although these conditions are treatable, they are not necessarily curable.  However, there are some fantastic expert treatments and homecare protocols that will help you to successfully keep them at bay.

I will talk about Rosacea in this blog and then in a future blog, I will look at Acne.


Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterised by its red-faced, acne-like appearance.  It is becoming more widespread and is thought to be affected by stress, diet and harsh cosmetic ingredients.  It can also be hereditary or caused by environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold.

The symptoms of Rosacea include high colouring on the cheeks, broken capillaries, small white heads and pustules on the surface of the skin.  GPs usually prescribe antibiotics to help relieve some of these symptoms, but they often reoccur when the antibiotics are stopped.  In any case, antibiotics can only be prescribed for a limited period of time and do not offer a long term solution to the condition.

In order to treat Rosacea effectively, it is necessary to treat the individual symptoms.  To reduce redness, I usually recommend a gentle skincare routine using products from the Pevonia RS2 range which is specifically designed to treat Rosacea symptoms using green tea, liquorice and rose oil to calm, soothe, decongest and desensitise the skin.

Once the skin is calmed and strengthened, broken capillaries can be reduced with advanced cosmetic procedures that cauterise them, minimising congestion and pustules.

Chemical-free, mineral make up, which contains Vitamin K, will not only strengthen broken capillaries with everyday use, but it can also be worn to camouflage the condition and reduce inflammation.  Glo Minerals Anti Redness Powder is great for toning down redness and reduces inflammation almost immediately.