Ageing is a fine art

Carolina BrennanWhat's Happening at The Anti Ageing Clinic

Is your skincare routine is a bit hit or miss?  Do you actually know what type of skin you have?  If you are unsure whether you are using the right products – particularly if you are concerned about ageing – or would just like to know what the skin on your face is like so that you can ensure you are looking after it properly, it’s time for a skin consultation and individually tailored facial.

At The Anti Ageing Clinic, we use a special skin scanner that shows up areas of skin damage, dehydration and dryness on your skin.  It will also highlight tiny broken veins and skin lesions.  Once you know what is happening, you can do something about it and that’s where we can help.

Our Clarisonix Pro – a device which is like a sonic toothbrush that literally lifts all the grime and make up out of the pores – will give your skin a deep cleanse.  If you do have broken veins or skin lesions, these can be treated with a small laser that seals the veins and removes lesions, quickly and expertly.  This is then followed by a wonderfully soothing massage with oxygen to heal and rejuvenate your skin.  Warm oil is then massaged into your face, neck and shoulders to restore moisture balance and relax tired muscles.

After a consultation and facial, not only will your skin be radiant and glowing, but you’ll feel fantastic and will leave armed with the information that will allow you to practice the art of anti ageing and stay looking young and beautiful.