Less pain, less gain – permanent hair reduction and removal

Carolina BrennanWhat's Happening at The Anti Ageing Clinic

Light-coloured hair: Applisonix

IPL will not work on white, blonde, grey or red hair due to the lack of dark pigment.  Until recently, electrolysis was the only technology that could be used to treat these hairs, but it can be a painful and time-consuming technique.

Applisonix is a new method that uses ultrasound technology to destroy the root of the hair painlessly and effectively.  A probe is used to hold the hair whilst ultrasound is released down the hair shaft to the root so that the hair literally slides out.  Clinical studies have shown that there is up to a 40% reduction in hair growth after the first treatment.  We introduced the treatment in September 2010 and have seen excellent results.

Applisonix usually requires six to 12 treatments at monthly intervals. If you have hair on your face, upper lip or chin, look out for our next blog post.