Age Spots

Age spots are called Chloasma or liver spots .

They are generally small brown patches that appear on your face, chest , arms or back.

They usually appear in areas where you have previously had a lot of sun exposure.

They do not appear until 5- 10 years after the sun exposure and that’s why they are often refered to as Age Spots.

They  appear as patches where the melacyte( the cells that produce Melanin) have been over stimulated and the pigment comes up to the surface of the skin as a brown patch.

Treatment of these patches can be varied depending on how large or small they are.

They can be treated with topical homecare products to lighten the colour or using Intense Pulsed light to bring the pigment up to the surface and fragment it. Or alternatively they can be lifted out of the skins layers using Advanced cosmetic procedures by our skin experts.

Please book a consultation and skin assessment to discuss the various treatments.

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