Advanced Body Sculpting & Cellulite Treatment

What Advanced Body Sculpting & Cellulite Treatments do we offer?

Fat Freezing

Using cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells on parts of the body where it is difficult to shift those extra pounds. The fat cells are frozen via a suction cup which sucks up the excess fat and freezes it to -10°c. The fat cells then start to die over the next 6-12 weeks and a visible inch loss is achieved.

1-3 treatments is recommended for best results.


Per area
from £75

Aqualyx Fat Dissolve

This treatment is specific to smaller areas where fat loss cannot be achieved through dieting and exercise. Areas such as double chin, under bra fat, rolls on the abdomen and pockets on the thighs and upper arms. Aqualyx is a solution injected into the localised deposits of tissue which liquifies the fat cell and destroys it permanently. The lipids( contents of the fat cell) are then released and eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Results are fast but we recommend 2-6 sessions to see a significant result.

A full consultation is performed before treatment to assess suitability.


Per area
from £75

Skinny Jab

This is a at home treatment to suppress your appetite. It is a medical device that is prescribed for you by our qualified clinic technician and a full medical assessment must be performed before purchase. Full guidance and on going support is supplied

Consultation only
from £199

Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is a stubborn fat that occurs mostly on the thighs and buttocks but can also be seen on the abdomen and upper arms. It is a build up of fluid that occurs between the fat cells and toxins are stored in the fluid making a dimpled appearance. We offer several treatments in clinic and homecare solutions as a course of treatment to get real results.


A non evasive French treatment using a machine to manually improve circulation for lymphatic drainage and manual manipulation of stubborn cellulite to break down the fibrous fibres for a smoother appearance.



This is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to stimulate fat dissolve, improve lymphatic drainage and tighten the skin. Works great on cellulite and subcutaneous fat.


Stretch Marks

These can be treated with micro needling and mesotherapy techniques to repair these tears in the skin. A consultation is always recommended to assess for a treatment plan.


Arm & Inner Thigh Tightening

For these stubborn areas we can use Radio frequency and Caviation to achieve skin tightening and improve the appearance of upper arm fat.


DMK Enzyme Body Therapy

We use the renowned DMK Enzyme body treatment to improve skin texture and also great for Eczema and psoriasis.


Vitamin Shots

Give your body exactly what it needs.

We utilise Vitamin Injections as a preventative treatment to keep your mind, body and energy levels in check. We recommend them also along side your skin treatments for even better results inside and out.


B12 makes new red blood cells in the body and gives you an energy boost. Will help with sleep, depression and skin nails & hair.

B Complex

B Complex contain B3 and B6 which six good for anxiety and depression.


Biotin is B7 and is great to improve your hair thickness, to slow down hair loss and stimulate healthy nail growth.

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin to lift your mood. Great for strong bones and building calcium and boosting the immune system.

Vitamin C

A great vitamin to boost your immune system. Reduces pigmentation on the face and body and leaves your skin glowing.

Hay Fever Injection

This can be so annoying especially in spring and summer. After a thorough consultation we administer a steroid injection to curb symptoms for the hay fever season.

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