Advanced Hair Removal

There are 3 types of hair growth

Vellus hair – fine downy hair usually on the face

Terminal hair – dark and course hair usually on legs, bikini line and under arms

Red, grey & white hair – hormonal hair on chin and neck

What Advanced Hair Removal Treatments do we offer?

Alkaline Wash – Suitable for vellus hair

An effective treatment for treating fine downy hair. After several treatments it will dissolve the downy hair and slow down growth.


  • The treatment is painless
  • Removes large areas of hair in one session
  • Normally leads to permanent hair reduction of fine downy hair.
  • Ideal for people who are not suitable for waxing or electrolysis.
15 min treatments from £95
please see separate pricelist

Applisonix Ultrasound Hair Removal – Suitable for red, grey or white hair

This system has taken over from electrolysis as the best treatment for white, grey or red hair. It is painfree and uses the latest technology of ultrasound waves which channelled down to the hair root which is then converted into heat energy and effectively destroys the root if it is in the correct growth stage.

Typical treatments are at 4 week intervals and a course of 6-12 treatments are recommended depending on genetics, hormone activity and past hair removal methods.

10 mins
15 mins
30 mins

Course of 6-12 treatments discounted by 10% when booked in advance

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal – Suitable for terminal hair

This treatment is recommended for clients with dark pigmented hair growth. IPL uses light heat energy to target pigment in the hair which then is transferred to the root. This heats the root up to 70 degrees C which kills the cells around the hair root.

A consultation and patch test is required to determine the required number of treatments.

Upper lip from £35.00
Chin area from £50.00
Sides of the face from £50.00
Under arm from £50.00
Bikini line from £50.00
Brazilian bikini from £75.00
Hollywood from £100.00
1/2 leg from £100.00
Full leg from £200.00
Full back from £200.00

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment for Toe Nail Fungus

£50 per treatment. A course of 6 is recommended.
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