Pigmentation is just one of the side effects of too much exposure without sun protection.

Prevention, through the daily use of sunscreen, is the best method of averting the occurrence of most types of pigmentation. Unfortunately, because most of us were not aware of the importance of adequate sun protection when we were growing up, many of us have a good chance of seeing a form of pigmentation crop up somewhere on our body.

Pigmentation  can take the following forms….

  1. Melanoma- Brown spots on the body
  2. Melasma- Brown freckling patches that can appear on the face, upper lip and hands. When the patches are not raised, rough or crusted, they are considered benign.
  3. Hyperpigmentation- an increase in melanin production stimulated by sun exposure. It can aslo be stimulated by birth control pills, pregnancy and oestrogen replacement therapy.
  4. Chloasma, Liver spots, sun spots or age spots- small brown patches on the skin which have nothing to do with the liver function but are always caused by unprotected sun exposure.

We treat varies types of pigmention after a thorough skin consultation in the clinic and the various treatments that can be recommended include-

  • Intense Pulse Light to effectively fragment the melanin.
  • Melawhite Green Peel  By Dr Schramek
  • Agera Skin Peels
  • Glo therapeutic Skin peels
  • Medical Microdermabrasion
  • Advanced Cosmetic procedures to lift out small patches.

Homecare products containing lightening ingredients will also be recommended alongside a course of treatments for best results.

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