Luscious Lips

A sure sign of youth and beauty is full, beautiful lips.

However as we age our lips can begin to get thin and marionette lines (smoker’s lines) can appear around the mouth.

Many people who are either born with naturally thin lips, or who have lost volume in their lips as they have aged, visit aesthetic clinics seeking fuller and more defined lips.

In the past collagen injections were the most popular method of lip augmentation but nowadays there is a much wider variety of treatments used for rejuvenating the lips from dermal fillers to semi permanent make up that can add colour and define the lip area.

Smokers Lines

Aside from dermal fillers which uses hyralauronic acid to fill fine lines around the lips. These fillers do not carry the risk of an allergic reaction as with the older collagen products previously used.

Dermaroller has become a popular method in stimulating collagen in the area to be filled. Using a sterile “roller of needles”, to create tiny puncture wounds to stimulate the fibroblasts to produce more natural collagen which fills the lines and wrinkles.

The effects are amazing after 3-6 treatments and are long term compared to other filler methods.

As the lip area is so sensitive, anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the sensation during treatment.

Semi Permanent Make up.

This treatment is great for clients who just want to add more definition to their lips. Semi permanent is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing which uses very fine needles to place pigment under the skin. By adding pigment into the body of the lips and also around the border, you can give the illusion of fuller more youthful lips.

A blush application on the lips will restore the definition and will give a rosebud effect like that of a new born baby.


These are products that contain retinol which will exfoliate the skin and diminish fine lines around the lip area.

Lip plumping products such as Glo Minerals lip plumping glosses add volume by using stimulating ingredients such as ginger or chilli to pump blood into the lips and therefore swell the lips for more volume.

No invasive treatments such as LPG Lift 6 uses a vacuum massage to lift and plump the lip area followed by a collagen mask to smooth out wrinkles for a fuller lip area and is great before a special occasion.

The key thing to any lip enhancement procedure is to make it look natural. We have all seen photos of Hollywood stars with over inflated “Trout Pouts” but that is not the look that the average person is looking for.

A combination of proper lip care products and professional treatments can produce a more natural youthful defined lip line.

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