Body Sculpting Treatments

What Body Sculpting Treatments do we offer?

I-Lipo Non Invasive Liposuction

I-Lipo uses low level laster energy to target fat reduction in the abdomen, waist, legs, buttocks, and upper arms.

Please see leaflet for details

I-Lipo Treatment £125
Course of 8 £800

I-Lipo Ultra Cellulite Treatment

This treatment combines I-Lipo fat reduction with the use of laser vacum lymphatic massage to target cellulite on the buttocks and legs.

It will reduce and sculpt the area for a firmer smoother appearance and reduce dimpling and fluid retention. Excellent around the ankles and knee areas also.

I-Lipo Ultra £150
Course of 8 £1000

Stretch Marks and Scar Repair

Stretch marks and scars can be successfully treated with a variety of medical treatments.

Please book a personal consultation to discuss the options with a medical practitioner.


The only medically proven treatment for using motorised lipomassage to produce a more refined figure and naturally firmer, smoother skin.

• Loose Skin

• Localised Fat

• Cellulite

A course of 10-20 treatments is recommended for ultimate results. We supply before and after photos and measurements.

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