Less pain, less gain – permanent hair reduction and removal

Carolina BrennanWhat's Happening at The Anti Ageing Clinic

Hair removal is an issue for most women at some stage of their life.  Whether it is waxing before a summer holiday, plucking or threading their eyebrows or tweezing out strong dark hairs that appear on the chin; women have always had to work hard to keep unwanted hairs at bay.  These days, even men are having their chests and backs waxed in the quest to be a modern or ‘metro man’.

In fact, hair growth can affect up to 70% of the population at some time during their lives and with the increasing popularity of hair removal, there have been a number of developments in permanent hair reduction technology.  Through research into new technology, I have been able to introduce less painful methods of hair removal for clients who don’t like waxing, electrolysis or threading.

Understanding how hair grows:

  1. Anagen – hair is growing and is connected to a blood supply at its root
  2. Catagen – hair starts to detach from the root
  3. Telogen – hair is about to fall out and may be replaced by another hair.

The best time to treat hair is during the Anagen stage when it is still attached to the root.

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