There’s still time to get that bikini body!

Carolina BrennanWhat's Happening at The Anti Ageing Clinic

So you’ve started the process of getting your body ready for the Summer holiday, but if you want to give yourself a real kick start – it could be time for a detox.

Have you over-indulged?  Did those New Year’s Resolutions get forgotten soon afterwards?  If you are drowning your sorrows after Murray’s loss at Wimbledon and the strawberries and cream is taking its toll, why not kick start your Summer holiday preparations with a Harley Body Wrap?  This medical body wrap was devised by doctors to draw out excess fluid and toxins from between the fat cells, leaving the skin looking smooth and the figure firmer.

A specially trained therapist will measure all areas of concern and then apply a detox solution to stubborn areas, such as the tummy and back of thighs.  They then wrap the you in detox bandages that encase the whole body, gently drawing out toxins whilst a relaxing facial and scalp massage aids relaxation.

The Harley Body Wrap guarantees a five to 10 inch loss from stubborn areas, leaving you feeling fresh and toned.  The treatment is a great complement to your Endermologie, ensuring you really do see results.